Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Good Year

    A few years ago, I was home sick with the flu and bored to tears with the TV. I finally found the movie "A Good Year" on one of the stations. It was probably halfway into to the movie when I came across the channel but decided to watch it anyway.
    I have to tell you that after I finished watching the movie I immediately went on to and purchased the movie. Even though I had missed most of the movie, I knew it was a keeper! It is based on Pater Mayle's book "A Year In Province" and is one of the most enjoyable movies to be watched. The best part is - it's not a chick flick, men love this movie also!!!!

    Directed by Ridley Scott (whom I love) "A Good Year" stars Russell Crowe (Yum) as Max, a no holds barred London bonds trader who has never heard of the word vacation. When his Uncle (played by Albert Finney, again, whom I love) dies and leaves him his estate, a vineyard in the south of France, Max decides to travel back to the vineyard where he spent much of his time with his uncle. But alas, it is not for rest and relaxation that makes Max travel, he plans to sell off the estate and make a bundle.

  The glory of this movie is how Max is given a chance to live life at a less manic pace than which he is used to and finds a beautiful woman and American cousin to boot.

   I have watched this movie a hundred times since I first bought it and have lent it out to others even more! A Good Year, A Great Watch!!!!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Girl With No Shadow

The Girl with No Shadow: A Novel (P.S.)I just finished reading this book and wanted to share it with you! The Girl with No Shadow is the sequel to the book Chocolat by Joanne Harris.
     It takes place four years after Chocolat ended with Vianne and Annouk living under the new names of Yanne and Annie. Many new characters are introduced in this book, Rosette (Vianne's four year old daughter) and the enchanting Zozie.
    Vianne is again making her wickedly delicious chocolates and with the help of her new found friend, Zozie, they turn the Paris chocolate shop in to a thriving business.
     Safe and comfortable in her new life, Vianne soon begins to learn that mischief is a foot and Zozie maybe casting some poisonous spells.
    This story is a real page turner that makes you lust after homemade chocolate truffles with each page (I actually made my husband stop at a chocolate shop and buy a Big box). If you haven't read Chocolat - then read it or see the movie, with Juliette Binoche and Johhny Depp (ooh la la) and go straight on to this one.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Old Cape Cod

   Good Morning All,
   As soon as Friday afternoon hit, my husband and I thought that we would skip out of work early and head down to Cape Cod to visit his sister and brother-in-law. We had both packed the night before so that getting out of the house would be quick and easy. After saying goodbye to the house sitter and warning the 3 dogs to be on their best behavior, off we went.

   I have to back up for a moment, on Weds night my husband had surprised me with tickets to the Red Sox game and dinner down the North End. It took us (normally an hour and half ride) three and a half hours just to reach Boston and by then we wanted to kill ourselves or get drunk. We chose skip the game get a drink then head off to dinner.  I hate driving in Boston now (and this coming from a girl who lived, worked and drove in Boston most of her younger life).

   So, on Friday, when we were deciding which route to take to get to the Cape we chose the slightly longer route to avoid Boston during rush hour. As soon as we hit the highway (rt 495) we were thrilled to see all the cars lined up going 5mph. So it took us about 4-1/2 hours to get to the Cape.

  But it was worth it. Yesterday we were on the beach all day and last night had a great dinner! What to do today!

Happy Sunday All!