Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vacation - Too Short, But What An Amazing Time!

   We have just come home from a week in Cancun, Mexico at the Now Sapphire Resort and what a shame we had to come home.
   If you are looking for a place to get married, spend your honeymoon, or just get away from it all (like we needed), this is the place to go. My husband, my son, his best friend, and myself got up at 2:00am on Saturday, April 20th and headed off to the airport for our long awaited, very badly needed, vacation. After, what seemed like a week of traveling (but in reality was only 8 hours) we arrived in Cancun, Mexico where the weather was an amazing 87 degrees.
   I had spent, ALOT of time planning this vacation, looking for the right resort, the perfect island (or country) and had stumbled upon the Now Sapphire Resort. I took one look at the picture above and said "That is where we are going on vacation".
   The Now Sapphire Resort is an all inclusive resort that offers everything for everyone. The rooms are comfortable, clean and nice with the option of having your porch overlook tropical view (very private) or an ocean view. The refrigerator in the rooms comes stocked with water, soda and Corona beer (by the way, Corona is heavenly in Mexico, not like our American Corona) and doesn't cost a penny to drink it all.
   There is entertainment, if you wish to partake in any of the water, beach or pool activities. I played bingo poolside everyday while sitting by the pool bar. Every night, there is something going on, not only for adults but for teens and kids also.
   The food is amazing! If you don't like buffet, there are 5 restaurants in which to choose from (again all inclusive), no reservations necessary except if you would like to have a private dinner with your honey under the stars, on the beach (this did cost extra, but was so worth it).
   Everyone who works there is, how do I sum them up.....Fabulous!
   We are so going back next year, and are telling everyone we know that they have to go!!!!