Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Virus vs Part Six

This small note is coming to you from my darling Ipad. I will have to ask you to please forgive me for any missing words and spelling mistakes since sometimes the Ipad likes to take matters into it's own hands.
My computer of only a few months has become infected with a lovely virus and will now have to spend a few days at the doctors. Until then, I have decided to write Part Six of The Perfect Story on paper (the old fashioned way) and then will transfer when a healthy computer is returned back to me.
Please reread parts one thru five and don't give up hope on John and Lilith!
Thanks, E. L. Gross

Friday, April 6, 2012

Patience Really Is A Virtue!

Hi Again, So sorry not to have posted Part Six of The Perfect Story but I have been very busy with my new position at work and attending classes. I do have two...count them TWO days off next week and plan to write (and clean house).
I have been thinking about it and I guess you could say writing it in my head. Thanks to all who keep checking back to see if it is posted.
Happy Easter and Passover to all! Enjoy your weekend!