Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Cut Above The Rest

   Back in August, my husband and I went away for our five day vacation in Great Barrington, MA. This year we decided to have a day of us. We planned haircuts, shopping, a manicure for me and he enjoyed his very first pedicure.

   It was a great day but something happened that day that I have had to live with for the last two months. A very BAD haircut!!!!

   My husband made the appointments at a place that we had been to once before and received great haircuts. He was with the same guy and because the girl who had taken care of me had left, he took the word of the salon and scheduled me with a girl named Anna.

   I was a bit nervous going in, first of all, it wasn't with my usual hairdresser (back home), Jen, and second of all, who was this Anna?

  We went to the salon for the appointments and Paul was taken immediately while I waited for Anna to show. Shortly after my scheduled appointment this girl walks in. She looked about her, said "Hi" to the receptionist, looked at me then proceeded to head to the back of the salon.

   As soon as I saw this girl, I knew it was Anna, and I wanted to either throw up or cancel the appointment. When she walked into the store, she was a mess! Her hair hadn't been brushed or washed in what looked like several days. Her makeup was streaked down to the top of her cheeks. She had a kinda Kiss (the band) after a bad night look. She was yawning her had off (from sleeping on her friends couch the night before) and complained of a bad headache (let me guess, hangover?)

   I went through with the haircut because my husband had kept saying to me before we arrived "that she may be the best stylist, I've ever had!" Wrong!!!! There I sat in Anna's chair while she hacked at my very thick, curly hair with a razor. No scissors, just a razor!

   When I was done, my hair was so butchered, that it stood pretty straight, very thin and very Brillo pad, dry. I was very upset, but you can't report a rape of the head to the police. So we paid and left.

   Today, I went back to my hairstylist, here at home, Jen. She, of course, couldn't believe that I had cheated on her and then couldn't believe what this girl had done to my head.
   Thank God for Jennifer! After a half hour (not counting the color) Jen had my head full of waves and a cute shape!

   Thank you Jen, you have saved my head!