Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Guard

   If anyone is looking to spend a nice quiet Sunday watching a movie, check out the movie "The Guard".
   It stars Brendan Gleeson (Safe House, Harry Potter series) as an Irish copper, Gerry Boyle, who chooses to take the easier way, by wisecracking his way through life.
  Don Cheadle (the Iron Man movies, Ocean's 11,12 and 13) plays FBI agent, Wendell Everett, sent to Ireland in pursuit of some international drug dealers.
   When Gerry's partner is murdered, Wendell and Gerry are swept up the the detective work of finding the murderer and the the drug dealers.
  Very entertaining! Action filled plus a nice comedic script.
  Watch it, you'll love it!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yay, The Weekend!

     Today, as a Justice of the Peace, I will officiating a wedding down by the lake. This is very exciting for me. The Bride and Groom have chosen to take their vows on the rocks of Lake Massasecum. (Let's pray that I don't fall in!)
     I have designed the ceremony around their vows, exchange of rings and the joining of sand with a special sand ceremony.
     This isn't the only special event this weekend. Tomorrow, My husband and I will drive with my son's 4 friends down to my son's camp on visiting day. Yay, it has been a month and mommy is having child withdrawals.
     I wish we could bring his dog, who also seems to be suffering from Harry withdrawals. Our friend is coming to spend the day here at our home to keep all the animals company and take them out every once in awhile.
     Hope everyone else has just as an exciting weekend and keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up swimming in the lake today.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Perfect Story by E. L. Gross (Finale)

Stopping abruptly, John wiped the sweat from his forehead. He peered backed at Lilith, who seemed to be sleeping soundly. She must be heavier then he thought for him to sweating so profusely. He looked up at the blue sky that had appeared through the small crack of tree line above. “Thank god, the storm had stopped, and it was beginning to warm up,” he thought. Then he noticed the trees that surrounded him were quickly dropping their heavy masses of snow. Water droplets fell to the ground all around him like a soft shower.
    Dropping the rope of the sled, he unzipped his jacket. The temperature had risen considerably in the last hour. He removed his hat from his clammy head and again wiped his forehead. Looking around him, he realized the snow on the ground was also shrinking. It was now only ankle deep. He heard birds chirping nearby and smiled.

“Lilith, are you awake?”
    She opened her eyes, agitated that he had disturbed her concentration. “Yes John, I’m awake. Keep going, we are almost there.”

Picking up the rope, he looked at her again. “How are you feeling?”
    “Better. Please keep going.”

    He was hoping that the cold snow that he had applied to her burns had helped ease the sores, but she was right he had to keep moving. “Funny,” he thought “wrapped up like that; she looks like an old lady.” He saw her eyelids twitch suddenly and he turned to push on.

The slight breeze that brushed his face smelled sweet and fresh, like the smell of freshly mowed grass. He pulled on the rope and the sled seemed to slide gently forward. He looked towards the light that peeped through the treetops ahead. The sun, it had to be the sun! With great hope, that filled him with a renewed energy, he began to walk faster.
    He could see the end of the tree line. “We are almost at the road. Hold on Lilith, we’ll be there in just a few seconds.” Now, John was running. He didn’t care anymore if the sled was bumping around too much; he knew that they had finally reached the road. The opening up ahead grew wider and wider as they approached. It was so bright with sunlight that John began to squint. He ran towards the glittering light with growing excitement. Reaching the end of the woods, they were encompassed in a luminous halo of sun. The heat warmed him instantly and he was blinded from the extreme brightness.

John let the rope drop as he cupped his hands around his eyes. Green, so much green, then he realized they were on a dirt road and fields of grass spread out before him. Sweet smells of honeysuckle, lilacs and grass mixed in the light wind and John instinctively drew in a deep breath.
    He tentatively took a step forward and then another. His eyesight was adjusting and he took in the scene before him, the large white farmhouse, and the rolling fields with grazing livestock. He could see scattered fruit trees laden with fat ripe apples and pears. He knew this home. He had grown up in this home.

He saw the front door of the house open and a man stepped out onto the porch. They starred at each other from across the distance. The man turned and yelled back towards the door “He’s here, come on out. He’s here!”
    John smiled as clarity reached his mind. The man who came down the steps and was now racing across the grass towards him was his father. His father, who had passed away five years ago of cancer, was running to meet him. He saw the women come from the house. His Mother, Gran and of course, his Leslie, his beautiful Leslie, they were all smiling as they quickly descended the stairs.

John heard a noise to his right and quickly turned. Lilith stood next to him watching the sight before them.
    “Lilith, what are you doing up?” He turned to look behind him but the sled was gone. Only a small thicket of trees where the driveway disappeared into lay in their wake. He again looked at Lilith. “Who are you?”

She smiled her queer little smile and pointed towards the fast approaching man. “Go now, I have brought you home.”
    He took a step. “Are you an angel?”

She laughed at this. “I am Lilith.”
    John paused for only a second, and then ran towards the loving arms of his family.

    The five men, led by the State Trooper had reached the sight of the dilapidated cabin. There lying deep in the snow, against the remains of the doorjamb, was the man. His head tilted back against the pack on his back, his eyes lay shut as if he had just sat down to rest. Clutched in his arms was a thick notebook. Bending down the Trooper pulled the book from the man’s frozen clutches. Brushing the snow from it, he saw the neatly printed words “The Perfect Story”.