Thursday, August 8, 2013

Comic Con - Boston

   Last weekend my family and some friends all ventured down to Boston to attend our first Comic Con. I being the crazy one on the family of course dressed up as a black Fairy. No one else wanted to dress but after spending the day at Comic Con, they are planning their costumes for next year's adventure.
   We didn't know what to expect, there are tons of comic book dealers, and manga writers, guest appearances from tv and movie stars, but the coolest thing was the amazing costumes that people came dressed in.
   One man came dressed as Bumblebee from the Transformers, and was amazing. He must have been standing on stilts because he stood about 7.2. I only have a picture of him from the back when he was leaving but you'll see what an awesome job he did making his costume.
If you ever get a chance to attend a Comic Con, whether it be in San Diego or Boston or where ever it travels to. Go! It is so much fun!!!!!!

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